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The set up of Malaysian Antarctic Research Programme (MARP) was initiated in November 1997, following the invitation of New Zealand government to Scott Base in Antarctica and the endorsement of Malaysian Cabinet for Malaysia's involvement in scientific research in Antarctica. The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) was given the mandate to set up a taskforce to oversee and coordinate the Malaysian Antarctic Research Programme (MARP). The first Malaysian scientific expedition to Antarctica was successfully held in October 1999. As a result, MARP was funded under the 8th and 9th Malaysian Plan (2000-2010) with an allocation of RM 13.7 million to set up and conduct Malaysian research in Antarctica. The National Antarctic Research Centre located in University of Malaya was established on 5th August 2002 as a centre to coordinate the research activities of the members of the programme.


The Malaysian Antarctic Research Program since its inception in 1998 had been well received by the Malaysian scientific community. The research group established in the year 1999 under MARP with 4 scientists have grown to 39 at present. In their research projects ...More Info






6th Malaysian International Seminar On Antarctica
First Announcement & Call for Papers:
6th Malaysian International Seminar On Antarctica
Antarctica: Science and Geopolitics in Response to Climate Change
8-9 OCT 2013
PARKROYAL Penang Resort, Penang, Malaysia
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Call for Papers of Special Issue of Asian Forum for Polar Sciences (AFoPS) Meeting 2012
During the last AFoPS meeting held in Delhi, India in August all the member countries agreed to publish the AFoPS volume as a special issue(s) per year. Those special issues will be published in turn on AFoPS member countries journals, such as Advances in Polar Science(China),Polar Science(Japan),ASM Sci. J.(Malaysia),Ocean and Polar Research(Korea), etc. The journalAdvances inPolar Science hosted by Polar Research Institute of Chinais going to publish the first joint issue for AFoPS by December 2013.
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