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Bengkel Antarabangsa "Pengamatan China dari Dunia Melayu: Isu-isu Kontemporari dan Masa Depan"
Sejarah pertemuan antara Dunia Melayu dengan China adalah berabad-abad lamanya. Demi faktor geografi strategik dan perhitungan rasional, hubungan ini kerap, erat dan memanfaatkan masing-masing dalam hubungan diplomatik, politik, perdagangan serta interaksi kebudayaan dan agama ...More Info
Public Lecture - "WHAT WILL CHINA BE LIKE IN 2030?"
China has confounded the doubters and critics and succeeded, quite remarkably, in meeting projections which were seen as overly optimistic. ...More Info
Seminar on "Domestic Business Stakeholder Hopes and Fears in the New Era of China-Malaysia Economic Ties"
While capital flows from China has flooded Southeast Asia in recent years and created public buzz ...More Info
International Conference "Towards the Diamond Era Between ASEAN and China: Opportunities and Challenges"
China today is one of the most important partners of ASEAN, as well as of the member states of ASEAN. In economics, China today is the largest trade partners of most of the ASEAN countries ...More Info
ICS Workshop - "Great Fall or New Normal: China’s Economic Restructuring and Its Impact on Southeast Asia"
China’s economic growth in 2015 has fallen to 6.9% from an unrivalled average of 10% between 2002 and 2014. This has spawned competing theories of what is happening to China. ...More Info
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