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Al-Jabari Method has been introduced by Drs. H. Yusuf Sodik, who is a former principal of one of the religious school in Bandung, Indonesia. From his experiences as an educator in islamic field, he found that time constraint is one of the major problem that hinder the students to learn al-Quran. Therefore, he has formulated and created a special method in order to facilitate the students in learning al-Quran. He got the inspiration to formulate this special method during his time at Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

At the end of year 2011, Director of Centre of Quranic Research (CQR) University of Malaya cum Chairman of Yayasan Semesta Berdaftar MTAA, Prof. Dato' Dr. Zulkifli bin Hj Mohd Yusoff has led this method to Malaysia after he confident with the benefits and effectiveness of the method as he already evaluated the method by himself during his visit to Bandung.  

At present, this method has been entrusted to a special body which has been developed by Yayasan Semesta Berdaftar known as Institut Pengajian Al-Quran (IPaQ) in order to expand Al-Jabari Method throughout the country so that the society and target groups can utilize and optimize the knowledge from it.

Initial Efforts:

Since Masjid Tun Abdul Aziz (MTAA), Petaling Jaya and Yayasan Semesta Berdaftar (YSB) has successfully led Al-Jabari Method from Indonesia, the leadership of the mosque as well as YSB have concentrated on the efforts as preparation to introduce, develop and expand this method throughout Malaysia and other regional nations. Their distinctive efforts are:

1) Deep learn the basic things about Al-Jabari Method and its teaching procedure which has been practiced in Indonesia.

2) Explore the real needs of easy and fast learning in Malaysia.

3) Examine and experience the learning methods of holy Quran in Malaysia.

4) Develop the teaching skills of Al-Jabari Method by several trainers/instructors through Training of Trainers (ToT) program which has been implemented by Al-Jabari Foundation in Indonesia.

5) Test the application of this method to several target groups through Training of Trainers (ToT) and Baca Tulis Quran (BTQ) programs.


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